Ultrasound #1

This morning I had the first ultrasound of three before getting released to my midwife. This is the ultrasound where we make sure that there if a baby growing in there! My numbers were looking good so I had high hopes.

And I wasn’t let down! The little guy was immediately visible by the ultrasound tech and has a nice strong heartbeat of 122 bpm. He’s growth is perfectly on schedule and almost everything is great. (we’ll get into the “almost” in a moment. In the meantime, check out that adorable little tadpole!)

ultrasound 1

Now for the “almost” part. I found out that the reason I was bleeding before is because I have a rather large (like 2+ times the size of the gestational sack) subchorionic hematoma (SCH). See photo above – the big dark area to the left of the baby in its sack. Basically when the baby borrowed in and tapped into my blood supply, it broke some capillaries that bled quite a bit causing this blood mass. The tech said I was no longer bleeding and that it was clotted over, so that’s good. I’ve been ordered to rest and not do any exercise for a while longer. (Which, if I’m going to be honest, I am not complaining about!)

Stay tuned! The next ultrasound will be November 24, 2017!

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