Ultrasound #2 – 7 weeks, 1 day

This ultrasound had some exciting news!
Baby Boy is looking fantastic and the SCH that I have has gone down significantly. So significantly, in fact, that they have taken me off pelvic rest restrictions so now I can finally just be a normal pregnant woman!
Baby Boy is measuring 9 mm (the normal size of a 6 weeks, 6 days old embryo) and his heartrate is 141 beats per minute. I got to see his little arm and leg buds even.
This week I’ve been getting a little bit of heartburn, which is not normal for me so it is my first official pregnancy symptom. My jeans are also starting to get tight. I have a feeling that I’ll be showing and moving into maternity pants sooner than I did with my first three pregnancies.

My next ultrasound is at 8 weeks (November 30th). See you then!

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