Ultrasound #3 – a little gummy bear!

Am I really 8 weeks along?!  Baffling.

Little Guy is doing wonderfully in there. His growth is perfect. He’s measuring exactly on time which makes my guess date (Estimated Due Date – EDD) stay the same – July 12, 2018.

I love how excited his parents are. Their reactions to seeing the ultrasound pictures is exactly why I wanted to do this so badly. I am looking forward to seeing them hold him for the first time – it’s going to make labor and delivery so very worth it.

What I am most excited about this week is that now I have been released to my midwife and am done with the fertility clinic. They were great in the beginning but had absolutely atrocious communication skills once I was actually pregnant. It was like they did their job getting me pregnant so now I was some kind of annoyance to deal with.

My first midwife appointment is tomorrow and I am very much looking forward to it. This midwife is the first for the hospital and she is doing so many things to change the way they treat maternity care there. I am hoping that she will be open to allowing this little baby’s parents to catch him when he’s born (if they want to).

Good bye until my next update!

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