Week 10 and the big gift

I’m now 10 weeks along and this little guy is a little over an inch long and has fingers, toes, and his brain is putting together a lot of things. I can’t feel him yet but he’s kicking around like crazy in there. I really hope that this pregnancy I wont have an anterior placenta (the placenta is attached to the front side of the uterus so it sits between the baby and your belly). My keeper babies all had anterior placentas and I wasn’t able to feel their movements until around 20 weeks compared to 16-18.

So what is the big gift, you ask?! I’M ALL DONE WITH SHOTS! Today is my first day without having to stick myself with a 1.5 inch needle. <insert happy dance> Now I just get to be a pregnant woman!

So far, so good with symptoms. I was worried because other surrogates have talked about worse symptoms with their surro-babes than with their keepers. I had two different episodes of nausea and occasional mild heartburn for 2 weeks but that’s all gone away. Which is on par for pregnancy for me – a major reason I even decided to be a surrogate – because it’s an easy process. My births have also been quite quick and easy so I’m hoping for that for this little guy and his parents.

One symptom I am having though is that I already look pregnant!! Not big enough for people to ask out of fear that I am just gaining weight. But people who know me can certainly tell!

10 weeks


Stay tuned for weekly updates, muses, and thoughts! Next week I’ll be talking about my plans to birth with Hypnobabies again!

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