A new beginning

After the tragic and unfortunate miscarriage last month, I got some fantastic news around New Years: my intended parents are ready to try again!

So what’s next, you ask? Well, good question! Now that the bleeding stopped (only took 11 days!) I’m waiting around for my menstrual cycle to start again. I feel like it will soon, but no one really knows until it happens. When it starts again I will need to have another saline sonogram (this is just an ultrasound that they inject a small amount of saline into my uterus so they can see better in there) to check to make sure everything still looks good. Then more waiting. When my next cycle after that starts, they will begin all the ultrasounds to make sure my lining is doing the right thing. At the end of that month, there will be another transfer!

My intended parents have 4 embryos left but I have no idea what quality or gender they are. The last little guy was a 6AA embryo which had the best chance of sticking and growing. I really hope that the next one will be awesome too!

I received the results from the POC testing back a couple days ago and was disappointed that they didn’t find anything to explain the miscarriage. POC testing is where they take the Products Of Conception and genetically test them to see if there was a chromosomal abnormality that happened somewhere during development. I was told that it is not unusual to not find anything but I was really hoping for some kind of closure to the unfortunate event.

I’ll check back in as soon as something new happens! Thanks for sticking with me!

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