It begins!

3/27/18 was a huge day for me.

  1. It was my last day of my day job that I’ve had for almost 4 years. It wasn’t exactly a choice I wanted to make but unfortunately the attorney that owns the company imposed a new contract that proposed a couple of very ridiculous rules and liability issues. For my family’s safety I couldn’t sign it.
  2. Medications started again!! My IPs and I are 1 step closer to bringing a little miracle into the world!


Feelings toward this new chance at a little surrogate baby:

I’m feeling cautiously optimistic. I know that there is only a 60% chance of implantation and the chance of miscarriage after. I know that I’ve now joined the ranks of women that experienced a miscarriage after 8 weeks. BUT I also know that this is a new chance. A new life. A new beginning.

Feelings toward my new job situation:

I’m nervous. That’s for sure! But it’s funny how as one door shuts, other doors open. In the time that I’ve known that I will have to quit that job my doula business took off, a friend offered me a very part-time job with her company, another friend’s business is getting busy and she’s been reaching out to me for help, and most recently the possibility of another friend needing help just popped up. I think things are going to be ok. I pray things are going to be amazing! I already love all the time I have to be home with my kids and not having to put them on their tablets so I can work 9-5. My stress level is no longer up in the rafters somewhere. Which in the end will help with surrogacy too!

❤ Bye for now!


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