Beta #2

Today I had my second of three beta tests! The first one was important because it told us if the embryo took and if I was pregnant. This one was important because it told us if the little guy’s cells are dividing correctly and if he’s growing well. In general they are looking for the HCG levels to double every two days.

Here’s a picture of my most recent, and last, pregnancy test. See how dark that “pregnant” line is!

pregnancy test

The moment you all are waiting for…

My HCG level is at:


the little guy is growing perfect! They have scheduled me for my last beta test on Friday, November 10th. Check in then to see my last number before ultrasounds begin!

Beta #1 Results!

This morning at 8am I had my first beta test (blood test that checks the levels of HCG in my body). I wasn’t expecting a call till later this afternoon but I got it early!!!

Here is an update on my pregnancy tests (with the last one being this morning):

beta test #1

The results of my beta were:

<insert drum roll>


With such dark lines on my HPTs I knew it would be good. But not quite that good! How exciting! Monday I am scheduled for my next beta. My medication protocol is staying the same (blah!) but if my ultrasound in two weeks has a heartbeat we can start weaning me off them!

Stay tuned!

6 days past 5 day transfer (6dp5dt)

A bit of very exciting news!

I’ve been testing every 12 hours since 2.25 days post transfer. I couldn’t help myself. Plus I bought a pack of 20 pregnancy tests on Amazon for $8. You can check them out HERE if you are in the market for them.

Well… Saturday morning (3.75 days past transfer) I got the very faintest of lines on a home pregnancy test! <insert crazy happy dance>

Trying not to get my hopes up unnecessarily I kept testing every 12 hours looking to see if the line got darker. Here we are, with my last test being this morning (at 5.75 days). What do you all think?! I think that things are going wonderfully!

Home Pregnancy Tests

Transfer Day!

It’s finally here! Transfer day!!!

October 24, 2017

My husband took off work to drive me into Chicago to FCI’s clinic. My mom took off work to watch my kids. Surrogacy is sometimes like any other parenting journey – sometimes it takes a village!

I am wearing a bright green shirt for “luck” and the Transfer Day socks that my agency gave me. When we were about 20 minutes away from the clinic I got a call to take the Valium they prescribed me. By the time we got there I was feeling very out of it. In what felt like a few minutes we were brought back to the procedure room.

transfer day

On the screen they showed us my soon-to-be belly-buddy. A grade 6AA little boy embryo. The best one could hope for 🙂


In a little flash of fluid that we could see on the ultrasound, it was all done! The nurse helped me up (because I still was unable to balance on my own) and sent us on our way!

On our way home we had McDonald’s fries because it seems to be tradition and people say it helps the embryo stick. I honestly don’t believe it but HEY! it gave me an excuse to buy the greasy, salty, delicious things!

Fingers crossed that the little guy sticks!

Medication and Appointment Diary

September 24, 2017

Today I started 10 units of Lupron a day. I have to inject it into the fat of my tummy with a tiny insulin needle every day until 10/5/17 when I switch to 5 unit doses. I did as instructed to prepare the shot but just sat there with the needle hovering over my skin for quite a while before building the courage up to stick it in. Turns out it feels like a mosquito bite, at worst. Not bad at all! I think I can do this!

October 4, 2017

Today was my baseline appointment where they went in with the internal ultrasound wand and checked how thin my lining was. They want it under 5mm and mine is at 2.5mm! Now I have 20 days to get all the way up to 8mm to be good for the transfer.

October 5, 2017

Well my dose of Lupron went down to 5 units a day today. Which is cool, I guess. Unfortunately that also means that I start a new injection (0.3 ml of Del-Estrogen)! This one is a 1.5 inch needle that goes into my upper butt cheek. They call it “intramuscular” or IM because it has to go down into the muscle. Lucky for me I have an awesome friend/neighbor that is a nurse and agreed to come over every three nights and give me this shot.

After the shot notes – I barely felt it! No guarantees that it will always be that easy but YAY!!!

October 10, 2017

My first monitoring appointment to check to make sure my lining was growing as it is supposed to and see if my hormone levels were correct – which they were. I found out that my lining is at 11mm! Holy cow! So much for worrying that it wouldn’t get to where it needed to be!

October 17, 2017

Second and last monitoring appointment before the transfer. I can hardly believe that it is only a week away! My lining is still at 11mm and my hormones are perfect!

October 19, 2017

Yesterday was my last day of the Lupron shot! And today was my first day of the Progesterone in Oil (PIO) shot (1ml). This is the shot that everyone dreads. It’s the one that we have to do every day until we are like 8 weeks pregnant – plus its another IM injection. Thank goodness that Mandi, my beautiful soul of a friend/neighbor/nurse, is still putting up with me lol. I have also started a steroid 4 times a day and an antibiotic twice a day. Those I’ll take for the next 4-5 days in preparation for transfer. I’m starting to feet like a bit of a drug addict with the amount of drugs I am doing! Check it out below.

The shot itself wasn’t the worst, I guess. But even with me rubbing the area after, my butt is still sore. I’m really not that pleased with this one.


My journey begins!

After we decided it was time I reached out to an agency I found that had good reviews and they accepted me. I was surreal to be actually starting this new adventure in my life. Unfortunately after months of very little contact by my agency, I became discouraged. I reached out to other agencies and was rejected due having gone through depression in my mid-teens.

December 2016 I gave up on my dream.

Luckily for me, my husband wasn’t about to let me give up on something I wanted so bad for so long. With rekindled hope I started looking again. Soon our family photographer reached out to me saying that her friend was a surrogate if I ever wanted to talk to someone else about it. It was like fate had smiled down on me. The wonderful woman she introduced to me, Becci is her name, told me about her agency put me in contact with someone. Not only did they accept me, their office is literally 10 minutes from my house. It could not get much more perfect.

March 2017 I matched with a wonderful couple in Spain looking to have their first child! My husband and I met them through Skype with the help of the agency. It was perfect. All of our goals for the surrogacy were in line!

Why surrogacy?

Women turn to being gestational surrogates for many reasons. Mine was a mixture of personal experiences and the hope to help my own family financially.

Growing up, I watched members of my own family and close friends go through various fertility related problems and desperately wished I could do something to help them, even if at the time I didn’t know what it was they were going through. When I became pregnant with my first child I felt ashamed and almost fearful to tell everyone that I was pregnant knowing how hard it was for so many of them to do the same. It was truly then that I committed to becoming a surrogate when the time in my life was right.

Fast forward 7 ish years and the time became right. I am married, have three kids (with three very easy pregnancies), a house, and my life is beautifully in line. My husband and I decided that it was now time to allow my dream to become a reality!