Ultrasound #2 – 7 weeks, 1 day

This ultrasound had some exciting news!
Baby Boy is looking fantastic and the SCH that I have has gone down significantly. So significantly, in fact, that they have taken me off pelvic rest restrictions so now I can finally just be a normal pregnant woman!
Baby Boy is measuring 9 mm (the normal size of a 6 weeks, 6 days old embryo) and his heartrate is 141 beats per minute. I got to see his little arm and leg buds even.
This week I’ve been getting a little bit of heartburn, which is not normal for me so it is my first official pregnancy symptom. My jeans are also starting to get tight. I have a feeling that I’ll be showing and moving into maternity pants sooner than I did with my first three pregnancies.

My next ultrasound is at 8 weeks (November 30th). See you then!

Ultrasound #1

This morning I had the first ultrasound of three before getting released to my midwife. This is the ultrasound where we make sure that there if a baby growing in there! My numbers were looking good so I had high hopes.

And I wasn’t let down! The little guy was immediately visible by the ultrasound tech and has a nice strong heartbeat of 122 bpm. He’s growth is perfectly on schedule and almost everything is great. (we’ll get into the “almost” in a moment. In the meantime, check out that adorable little tadpole!)

ultrasound 1

Now for the “almost” part. I found out that the reason I was bleeding before is because I have a rather large (like 2+ times the size of the gestational sack) subchorionic hematoma (SCH). See photo above – the big dark area to the left of the baby in its sack. Basically when the baby borrowed in and tapped into my blood supply, it broke some capillaries that bled quite a bit causing this blood mass. The tech said I was no longer bleeding and that it was clotted over, so that’s good. I’ve been ordered to rest and not do any exercise for a while longer. (Which, if I’m going to be honest, I am not complaining about!)

Stay tuned! The next ultrasound will be November 24, 2017!

Beta #3 and bleeding!

My morning started off well. My oldest daughter and husband were home from school/work today due to Veteran’s Day. She really wanted to come with so we went and got my blood drawn. It wasn’t until we walked into the door at home that things went south.

While standing in the kitchen I suddenly felt like I was going into labor – like I had been stabbed in the uterus. I thought “Hey, I’m not bleeding so all is well”. I don’t know if I jinxed it or not but within five minutes from that point, I felt myself start bleeding.

What followed was a scary couple of hours where I was told to go on bed rest and let the fertility clinic know if I started bleeding a certain amount (which I didn’t luckily) as we waited for my beta result. I had the shakes and a lot of cramping for most it.

I finally got the call at about 12:30 letting me know that my progesterone was low but my HCG levels were at:


The fertility clinic said that it is normal to have bleeding in early pregnancy and seeing as my numbers are good they scheduled my ultrasound for November 16th, 2017! Unless the bleeding picks back up again heavily, they think that everything is fine.

It was a scary day. But I am so glad that everything turned out ok!

Beta #2

Today I had my second of three beta tests! The first one was important because it told us if the embryo took and if I was pregnant. This one was important because it told us if the little guy’s cells are dividing correctly and if he’s growing well. In general they are looking for the HCG levels to double every two days.

Here’s a picture of my most recent, and last, pregnancy test. See how dark that “pregnant” line is!

pregnancy test

The moment you all are waiting for…

My HCG level is at:


the little guy is growing perfect! They have scheduled me for my last beta test on Friday, November 10th. Check in then to see my last number before ultrasounds begin!

Beta #1 Results!

This morning at 8am I had my first beta test (blood test that checks the levels of HCG in my body). I wasn’t expecting a call till later this afternoon but I got it early!!!

Here is an update on my pregnancy tests (with the last one being this morning):

beta test #1

The results of my beta were:

<insert drum roll>


With such dark lines on my HPTs I knew it would be good. But not quite that good! How exciting! Monday I am scheduled for my next beta. My medication protocol is staying the same (blah!) but if my ultrasound in two weeks has a heartbeat we can start weaning me off them!

Stay tuned!

6 days past 5 day transfer (6dp5dt)

A bit of very exciting news!

I’ve been testing every 12 hours since 2.25 days post transfer. I couldn’t help myself. Plus I bought a pack of 20 pregnancy tests on Amazon for $8. You can check them out HERE if you are in the market for them.

Well… Saturday morning (3.75 days past transfer) I got the very faintest of lines on a home pregnancy test! <insert crazy happy dance>

Trying not to get my hopes up unnecessarily I kept testing every 12 hours looking to see if the line got darker. Here we are, with my last test being this morning (at 5.75 days). What do you all think?! I think that things are going wonderfully!

Home Pregnancy Tests

Transfer Day!

It’s finally here! Transfer day!!!

October 24, 2017

My husband took off work to drive me into Chicago to FCI’s clinic. My mom took off work to watch my kids. Surrogacy is sometimes like any other parenting journey – sometimes it takes a village!

I am wearing a bright green shirt for “luck” and the Transfer Day socks that my agency gave me. When we were about 20 minutes away from the clinic I got a call to take the Valium they prescribed me. By the time we got there I was feeling very out of it. In what felt like a few minutes we were brought back to the procedure room.

transfer day

On the screen they showed us my soon-to-be belly-buddy. A grade 6AA little boy embryo. The best one could hope for 🙂


In a little flash of fluid that we could see on the ultrasound, it was all done! The nurse helped me up (because I still was unable to balance on my own) and sent us on our way!

On our way home we had McDonald’s fries because it seems to be tradition and people say it helps the embryo stick. I honestly don’t believe it but HEY! it gave me an excuse to buy the greasy, salty, delicious things!

Fingers crossed that the little guy sticks!